Subject: Reel Big Fish story for you
To: Tim
My Long And Boring Reel Big Fish Concert happenings!!

Oh dear lord I went to a Reel Big Fish concert last year and it was so
cool!! I'm surprised I didn't wet myself!!So I went to the concert with
one of my friends (justin) And i was bummed 'cause my friend Em(Emily)
was supposed to come with but didn't. She was gonna be my screaming
buddy we were gonna scream out stuff to Scott!! :o) Justin wasn't too
interested in that ,but oh well. So we got to the concert and i was so
excited i barely noticed the opening bands except one of that bands was
really COOL!!!! Super Nova. Everyone in the crowd was so excited for
Reel Big Fish they started booing the band .so the band had everyone
scream who liked them and i was like the only one who screamed!! So back
to Reel Big Fish: ok i was jumpin around when along walks Tavis. Oh
yeah! So I wanted to talk to him but didn't get the nerve. So he walks
by again We actually attempt to scream something to him , but he didn't
here(or just didn't give a rats ass).He walked by a couple more times
and i just kinda drooled. But we made a plan .The next time he walked
by us Justin was gonna push me in
front of him so it looked like i fell and he would be forced to talk to
me or help me up(pathetic huh?). So i was already for my"big fall" and
guess what! He didn't walk by again. He walked by like four times and no
he couldn't walk by again. Anyways i think if i would have come in
contact with any of the band members i would have wet myself and man if
it was Scott who had walked by me i would have
dropped over right then and there with out any help form Justin!! So
finally they came on stage and i had a blast. No i didn't get to meet
them ,but i had a damn good time!!

I planned on going to the concert this year actually last month . And
Emily was gonna come this time and we were gonna scream out to Scott
together.The day of the concert I was so happy I was running around the
halls singing yeah yeah yeah i'm going to the reel big fish and emily
basically rang in and Scotts gonna do me!
So my mom was supposed to bring my ticket to school ,but NO they sold
out!!!! oh yes i was so mad! Then i went on a goose chase for a ticket
and didn't get one! I was so upset .This time Emily didn't have me! I
was in such a bad mood, i cried, i was so set on my "FALL" this time!:oP
Damn it! Well Next time!!

Peace Out,

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