Hey everyone its April so its time for the April letter of the month. This letter came to me from one of my closest friends. Btw if before Feb. you ever tried to send me an email and couln't get it to me it's been's fault he was in charge of getting me my email.
Subject: It's Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
From: kenobe@juno.com
To: Tim
Howdy Timbo!
Sorry I haven't conversed with your being for a while but i've been sorta busy... OK, REALLY busy. I won't bore you with the details because they ARE boring and my hands are hurting from sending all of these E-mails. But don't think that you're last on my list! I just had to tell all my friends in Venesuela, er... school, about the brand new, git down, stand back up again, rock my world twice, go tell it on the mountain, glorious work of Timothy Snow that is-------{drumroll}
Yes I'm buttkissing just a little bit, but hey! Who dosen't enjoy a pair of lips on their tukus every once in awhile, hmmm? Besides I'm tellin the truth! Your page kicks royal rump! There isn't enough topical cream in the world that would soothe the ass that this page hit with it's proverbial foot! Ahh.... I remember back when you introduced me to ska Tim my boy! Those Scofflaws really got the grove going in me and, even though the only dance I know is the slowdance, you, Tim, stood by me and didn't laugh when I tried to skank and make myself look like a complete tool. Call me pally boy and we'll talk! Anyways I got's to go foo! I didn't get a chance to examine your web page very thouroghly but if it's not there get some info on tour dates and stuff like that and i'll soon leave some bitchen messages in your guestbook. I'll dig you for it! Sous Commrade,
Benny boy Phillips.
Oh by the way, Put this message on your website...
...or i'll kill you.
Oops! Don't print that part!

Oops too late Ben. Hey Ben stop looking at my butt that kinda scares me. Thanks for the really touching letter.
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