Hi Kids It's contest time once again in the land of Tim's RBF Page. Basically heres the contest. The song "In the Pit" is dead. It has a new name for the new album out on Oct 20. So the first person who can tell me what the new name of the song formerly known as in the pit well they will win the super prize pack. Which includes:
A Promo Picture of RBF
The RBF-Cherry Poppin Daddies Split 7"
The long out of print Rbf Sampler with unity 241 and everything sucks
And the offical Tim's Rbf Page T-shirt
And much much more
*Note* Some of the above stuff courtesy PRB(RBF's publicty people) So email me with the answer at tim@bbs.galilei.com or tjsnow@hotmail.com(For those of you who have hotmail or yahoo mail or any other web-based mailserver)
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