Here's Some Answers To Some Questions(about me,my rbf page,and rbf)

Q. Who are you?
A. Well I'm Tim Snow, I'm 20 years old(I turn 21 on (07-22-98),I'm work in a coffee shop and go to school and listen to ska,jazz,and cheesy tv band music(ie the Brady Bunch and the Monkees.)

Q. You like ska? For how long?
A. Yes. Since a week before my eleventh birthday.

Q. So does it bother you that ska has become "trendy"?
A. No. What is trendy anyway? I mean what's wrong if I like something and the guy next to me likes something. That means we have something in common in this crazy mixed up world.

Q. So how long have you been into RBF?
A. Since mid 1996. If you want to read how go here.

Q. Wow I just read your story, that Breen girl is kinda a bitch?
A. That just depends on how you see it. Last I heard she is at Truman State University in Kirksville,MO and I wish her the best

Q. That sounds like you dont talk to her much.
A. No I dont. I haven't talked her that much since we broke up. I have seen her once since then. A friend of a friend told me that she lives in the same dorm room or something.

Q. I saw on Justins RBF page in his guest book that your last name is Whitlock, Is that true?
A. Wait a second let me check my birth certificate. No my last name is Snow. That entry wasn't me. The person was kinda stupid too. I mean if you are going to claim to be someone at least do the following, Use the correct name, And check and see if the webpage that you are giving as them is the right one and now one that has been down for like 4 months,and lastly if you are going to do something that insenstive at least don't do it on a website that is listed on yahoo where someone who knows that person can tell him to check it out. But don't get me wrong I thought it was kinda funny that someone thinks of me enough to try to pretend to be me. I signed the guest and stated that it was a bogus entry by someone. At least the "mystery Tim" thought enough of me to say that I was good looking.

Q. Does that piss you off?
A. Yes and no. Yes b/c the person is probably signing guest books with my name and the correct info now. It doesn't, becuase the person called me good looking, they plugged my site, and I work out my anger with wit,humor,basicly sarcasim.

Q. Let's talk about R.B.F
A. Ok thats cool since I have been getting bored talking about myself.

Q. Why did you put up a RBF site?
A. Basicly they are friends of mine and I thought it would be cool to put up a site about my buds.

Q. YOur site isn't as cool as the other sites. Why is that?
A. Well basicly My computer broke down on me one day and I didnt buy a new one for over a year. I think that I am slowly catching up and eventually I'll have one of the top one million RBF sites. I do like all the other RBF sites alot though.

Q. Why don't you have one of those sites with those nifty frames?
A. Honestly I am not a big fan of frames because not all people have browsers that can see frames and I want everyone to see my site. Which is one of the reason why I changed chat room servers so people without java could chat, even though no one ever really uses my room.

Q. Why don't you get more people into your chat room?
A. Well I have been thinking about like planing this big huge gathering and having people go in my room and answer questions and talk and stuff you know?

Q. Why are you so sarcastic and such an a asshole?
A. Because it's easier to do that then to be nice sometimes.

Q. Did "Aaron McPenislicker" teach you how to be that way?
A. No, Actually contray to popular(esp. that Kat person) belief Aaron is actually one of the sweetest guys in the band, but like most of us he has his good days and his bad. And since he is in the media spotlight everyone makes a big deal when he isn't 100% nice.

Q. How often does he brian wash you?
A. Every other week he and Tavis send Radio Controlled commands to me.

Q. So what do you think of them being on MTV and stuff?
A. I love it. Whenever its 2 in the morning I check and if they are on I still squeal like a pig because I'm so happy that my friends are getting recoginzed for 8 years of work.

Q. Can you get me tickets into their show?
A. Probably not, I dont even really like getting myself on the guest-list I dont know I just feel weird about it not paying my own way. I have only put my girlfriend and her friend on and that was like over a year ago or something.

Q. Did you really fly out to AZ to see them play?
A. Yes I saw them play in Tempe Az at a club called the Nile.

Q. Aren't you from St Louis? That must have cost alot of cash?
A. Not really. My friend Gabe handled it for me, he's kinda my agent. It was under 200.00 to fly and I didnt stay in a hotel, I stayed in a youth hostile, but I bought a private room.

Q. A Hostile? How did you feel about the cleaning situation?
A. I didn't like it I did most of my bathing at a local Mcdonalds.Honestly

Q. I meant the fact that you have to clean up for yourself.
A. Oh I didnt really have a problem with it. It was a cheap stay you know? I had a huge room all to myself. And it was under 60.00 for 3 nights.

Q. You are kinda screwed up arent you?
A. Yeah I am, I have also seen them in Chicago, Little Rock, Lawrence and some other places.

Q. When is the next album coming out?
A. They start recording it April Fools Day. Which is Funny in itself. And they will be recording some more songs from "Everything Sucks" And the album should be out in September/October, not in August.

Q. So are they going to rerelease "Everything Sucks"/Cherry Poppin Daddies 7"?
A. Thats kinda screwy right now. Basicly yes, But dont look for it for a while. A long while. If you want to know more about it go to my interview page.

Q. What's their next single going to be?
A. Their next single is going to be "Beer" for the soundtrack of the movie "Baseketball".

Q. Hey I heard this song I think its called "______" and its not on "Turn the radio off" is it out anywhere?
A. Well heres waht I can think of for now. Take on me and In the Pit are on the split 7". Unity is on the out of print sampler and its on Keep Your Receipt. Uniform of Deestruction is on the new Ska Parade compliation. Hungry like a Wolf is on the Duran Duran Tribute album. You can see their cover of Just a Girl at G. Scott Barret's Site. Um some songs are off of Everything Sucks and some earlier tapes (like Boys dont cry) but other than that, no its not recorded.

Q. Who does the female vocals on "She Has a Girlfriend Now"?
A. Monique Powell from the band Save Ferris.

Q. Was Gwen Stefani considered for that role?
A. Yes and thats all I have to say about that.

Q. Is Scott married?
A. No that was a rumor. A very ugly rumor.

Q. Can you hook me up with"_____"?
A. No. I can't basicly most of them are seeing someone and they are very faithful, and thats the story I'm sticking with.

Q. Aren't you tired?
A. Yes I am. I think. This F.A.Q. is pretty much done.

Q. If you can think of anymore questions will you put them up here?
A. Sure, why not?

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