Tim's Reel Big Fish Page

Tim's Reel Big Fish Page

Behold words of wisdom from Aaron(03/12/98)
"Things can only get so bad before you fucking die,and then its over"

Reel Big Fish are:

Aaron Barrett- Vocals & Guitar
Andrew Gonzales-Drums Scott Klopfenstein-Trumpet & Vocals
Dan Regan-Trombone
Matt Wong-Bass
Tyler Jones-Trumpet
Justin Ferreira-Drums


(07/29/04) SO Right now I am trying to get rid of old dead links and whatever So bare with me whild I do that.
(02/08/98)Hi this is my (somewhat)new RBF webpage.It took me a while(only a year and a half) to update it b/c my computer died and I just now bought a new one.If you look down at the bottom you will notice that I have How I got into RBF, well now I want to know how YOU got into RBF. And if you dont like them I want to know why you don't like them.I really want to present both fans and haters of RBF.Every month I will pick a letter and display it for all to see so send me email please.


(07/28/04)Shit Did I say turkey day I meant 6 years. Well time flies when you are doing whatever the hell i have been doing for years. Well anyway I am in the process of getting some stuff back together. and I make no promises of when my next update will be..But you know me..Tim
I will be taking a break from the site in order to work on another site. I will start updatin this page again the day after Thanksgiving. But Please do me a favor and check out the new page I am working on about the Band Edna's Goldfish. Its located at Tim's Edna's Goldfish Page. The guys in Edna's G/Fish are really cool so you should check them out if they come to your town and if you can check out their site its right here. Sign their guest book while you are at it and tell them I sent you. Thats bsaically it I'll see you guys here with more updates the day after turkey day


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Thank youPeople who in some way affected Tim's RBF site.
Something Cool(04/13/98)This is comething that I have had a long time and I had to have it scanned so could you please check it out.
RBF pictures(04/09/98)Now with more pics. Most of them were taken by me, except 2 one taken by Scott the other by Aaron.
How I got hooked on Reel Big Fish
Tim's RBF audio pageNow Featuring Live Concerts from my collection in Real Audio (Last updated on 11/03/98)
Tim's RBF video page
My letter of the month for October 98
Off My Chest This is something I had to get off my chest. Warning this is very very contrversal.
ResponesesThese are responses I have gotten from "Off My Chest"
PunkyGurl's Response This Is May's response to my off my chest column. I think everyone should read it.
(06/16/98)A brand new Off My Chest. Boy I complain Alot
RBF interviewThis is my RBF interview.It's so long (over 1 hour) that I'm putting up in pieces. So check every couple days to read what has to be the most interesting/offensive/sarcastic RBF interview ever. Hey wanna hop to part nine here you now
RBF Chat TranscriptA transcript of the chat from (02/19/98).
F.A.QMy FAQ. If there is any question you have about me this site or RBF its probably here.

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