Tim's Letter of the Month For March-98

Subject: Great page
From: CLg8tor
To: Tim
Tim, Your RBF page kicks ass. I especially loved your response to that Punky Girl or whatever her name is. I'll probably find myself going back to your page daily for updates. It's really awesome. Here, let me tell you about my incredible encounter with RBF: I honestly was looking foward to the show (Ft. Laud, Feb. 23) and couldn't wait to sing along to every song with the band. After the Warped Tour in mid-August, I was literally obsessed with them. During their performance, I danced and sang more than I ever have at any concert. Their music really makes you move. I thought the show was good enough. Until... my friend got backstage talking to the guys from the Pilfers (opening band). One thing led to another, and my friends and I all got invited to chill with the band on their bus. I'm convinced that nothing could take the smile on my face. It stood there for days. We met everyone on the band... Andrew was especially hospitable. It was so awesome. They're all so laid back and cool... So that's it. I know it's not that big of a deal, but it definitely made my week. Hell, it made my month. I don't know... All I have to say is that Reel Big Fish kick ass. It's as simple as that. Okay, thanks for your great web page.
18, from Ft. Lauderdale

I know all about that whole smile on the face I have that smile everytime I see the band and we hang. It stays for days. Sometimes it never goes away.
Thanks again for writing.

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