Subject: About"Off My Chest"
Tim, I am writing this, in the hope that you'll put it on your site.
Today, once again, I got some email from some dickhead about off my
chest. Now, you very well know that I apologized to you for what I
said. And you also know that I really do like RBF, just not some of
the people they attract. Not all RBF fans are trendy, you aren't, I'm
not (but according to dickhead i am trendy). So, I know what I wrote
that while back was mean, wrong, and very inconsederiate, I do
apologize, to you (once again) And EVERYONE that I offended by writing
that email. But what some people don't realize , is that I didnt
waste the last 4 1/2 years of my life loving ska, to have people who
know nothing about it tell me shit that isnt true.
I hope this clears up a few things.

May (punkygurl)

I Had to put this up. For a couple reasons. Number one she did apologize and I put her apology up in the responses section. Number two is that basically the people sending May hatemail didnt get the point of the orginal OMC which is that if you dont agree with someone or you dont like their point of view then the best way to handle it is to try to deal with it within reasonable and polite means. If you dont you are going to be the one looking like a jerk Thanks for reading Tim Snow

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