Tim's Really F*cking Long RBF Interview Part 2

Tim: When Sell-out first came on the air did you think about calling all your ex-girlfriends and be like hey you remember when you said I was a loser?
Dan(laughs): What I did was I just sat, it wasnt like a conscious thing. But suddenly when my parent started getting excited about the band all of the sudden. They used to ground me from like practice. They would be all like you can't go to practices or shows for like two weeks because you got bad grades.I would be all like o.k whatever.
Tim(impersonating Dan): But I'm 20 years old mom why are you grounding me?
Dan: Now at this point both of them are way into it. My dad is at his local bar every day like plastering the posters up and my mom is all over the internet finding out about everything. It's funny to see the parent in on it. It's cool. I'm glad they're down. if they hated it I'd be bummed.
Tim: Lets take care of some more internet rumors.
Dan: Yea.
Tim: Every other site....
Dan: My friends probably started most of those too.
Tim: That why my site has no real information because I dont believe most of the rumors.
Dan: G. Scott Barrett used to do that. He used to Start rumors too.
Tim: I think one of the differences is that I actually know you guys as opposed to alot of other people that have web pages up.
Dan: Yeah hardly any of them know us. That wacky internet
Tim: Ok next internet rumor. The Cherry Poppin Daddies split. Like every other webpage I go to says that it's out or that its coming out. And I just think to myself wow I know it's not out.
Dan: No it's not out.
Tim: B/c i'm little obsessed fan boy whos goes like traveling like 1000 of miles...
Dan(laughing):...to Arizona..
Tim: Yea, to go see these guys play. and I know if it was out I'd have a copy of it.
Dan: Yea, well the story behind that is that we came about wanting to do a 7" with the Daddies b/c this band is so great we cant believe that they dont have a record deal yet. That was the whole plan. We were like eah we'll do the 7" and you guys can send it out and you can get a record deal and everything. In talking about it Mojo Records decided that they wanted to sign the Cherry Poppin Daddies. That kinda defeated the whole purpose and they started working with Mojo. So it got put on the back burner. B/c they had to work out their deal with Mojo. So now that everything is finally settled. They are getting fucking huge amounts of airplay.
Tim: Zoot suit riot is a damn fine album.
Dan: Yea. Its awesome. Yea so at this point we decided that we are going to put it out but we have been lazy you know 'cause they have been really busy and we have been really busy. And since the incentive went...
Tim: And if you wait alittle longer more people will want it.
Dan: Yeah there has been enough buzz about it. Its going to come out soon.
Tim: One day.
Dan: We recorded live. We rustled up some equipment and we recorded live a bunch of tracks..I think thats was what it was going to be. Like live Reel Big Fish and then...I dont know.
Tim: O.k. another one. This is one I have been hearing so long now but Everything Sucks the first album will it be rereleased.
Dan: Well, the newest answer on that question is (laughs)..
Tim(laughs): O.k. today is what March 12th?
Dan: Yeah. as of the 12th, the answer is that Aaron doesnt wanna rerelease it cause ah he doesn't like it, cause its old ,whatever. And also b/c half the songs are on Turn the Radio Off. And we're going to put some of the other songs on the new record. Which we start start pre-production on like March 20-21, no wait April 1st.
Tim: Which brings us to the third internet rumor. When is the new album coming out? I seen pages list it as August.
Dan: We start recroding as soon as we get back from this tour and we get back home March 20th and we are going to take a week off to get our heads together. Then we are going to go into the studio and. And um I think they are looking at a september or October release.
Tim: And there is no problem with not likeing your first album. Mu330 just put out a greatest hit album, and like none of the songs are from their first album Salamnder Stew.B/c they hate it
Dan: B/c yeah man its old. We've grown two years already on Turn the Radio off. Think of how far we've come from E-Sucks which was like 4 years ago. We didnt know what we were doing.
Tim: S-Stew came out like in 1990 when they were still in high school.
Dan: Thats when we formed(laughs)
Tim: Yeah so like none of those songs are on the greatest hits album.
Dan: Yea, totally. Well I think we still want to rerelease it for collectors reasons.I think we are getting a big shipment of the ep that Mojo Records put out that has 7 songs on it. It has the original cover-artwork,but it only has 7 songs on it. Mojo released it as a promo thing saying hey look we got this band heres what they are all about. They did that while we were making our record.So that when the new record came out people already knew who were. People already kinda knew who we were. Like kids knew who were where, but radio people and people who wear all black all the time, they didnt know.
Tim: I got a copy of E-sucks from Aaron.
Dan: Yeah I want to rerelease it I was thinking about a limited pressing on vinyl. A vinyl release of E-sucks just cause that would be funny. Like I said at the shows for a while we are going to have those 7 song ep's. Some day we will rerelease it Aarons you know, he doesnt understand why people want it. The songs are all going to be redine anyway. People are going to hear them.

Thats right you guessed it more tommorow.
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