Tim's Really F*cking Long RBF Interview Part 3

Dan: He just doesnt understand why some people would want to hear it.
Tim: Some people like a certain person in AZ who will remain nameless.(laughs).
Dan(laughs): (Cough-Hiccup-Laugh).
Tim: Cough-Cough-kori-Cough-Cough.
Dan: That was Tim saying that. That wasnt Dan. I didn't say cough-kori. I didn't do that.
Tim: No, she's a nice girl.She just seems like a little rabid fan, even more so than me. I mean like I get the stuff(RBF stuff). I'm always like oh look I'll pick that up. Shes offering my friend Bill ,the guy with the grad school deal 35 dollars for the cassette sampler with everything sucks 241 and unity.
Dan: She really wants it that bad? Oh my God!!
Tim: She's even going to pay like four bucks shipping.
Dan: We threw boxes and boxes of those tapes. So many of thoses tapes were lost and destroied. Thats funny.
Tim: I at one point had like 9 copies. Because I would sign up my friends and I would get one for every friend I signed up.Then I got that paper saying someone stole all the tapes. I was like for some strange reason I don't believe this.
Dan(laughs): Mojo was like man we have too many of these. That was probably like their best idea that they have ever done before.
Tim(in a interigating voice): So basicly what you are saying was that nobody ever stole the cassettes.
Dan: yeah they just decided that they just didn't want to do it anymore.
Tim: I always thoght that was the case. I remember looking at the little fake wanted poster that they put out and thinking that it was bullshit.
Dan: Oh yeah it was all based on one of their interns at the time.
Tim: Yeah I was like its not like they couldn't send this guy to jail or anything. It wasn't like he could take the tapes and flee or anything.
Dan: It's all a hoax kids.
Tim: You were lied to by a label, picture that.
Dan: You are probably used to it you just don't know it.
Tim: Thats for all the little militant rudies who are like you can't trust a label. You can't trust them at all.
Dan: Ska's underground it should stay that way,man
Tim: Yeah because if I this guy and that guy likes this band then we are going to have something in common.
Dan: And we can't that way that way we can stay enemies. And I'm an indivual.
Tim: I don't want these guys making enough money so they can put out a new cd.I want them to have one cd and then after that maybe make tapes.
Dan: And they can come to my house and play maybe.
Tim: In my backyard. Thats what want I want these people playing in my back yard. Tonight.
Dan: I only want them on my stereo.O.K? and they're not funny.

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