Tim's Really F*cking Long Interview Part 4

(Tavis walks by us)
Tim(laughs): I just have that in my head now "Evil Tavis".
Dan(Laugh): Hey Tavis, I'm evil Tavis. He just kinda waved he's not very ammused.
Tim: No way.
Dan: It's hard to amuse an android.
Tim: You know these past few years I thouhgt that Tavis was an android.
Dan: Yep he really is. He made his hat from the same material as his sweater.
Tim: Thats's pretty impressive. I love both of you guys. Now take off your hats so I can take your picture together.

Dan: That's right gotta have Tavis and evil Tavis.
Tavis: How are you evil Tavis?
Dan: I got the beard.
Tavis: Oh.
Tim: Now you guys won't get red-eye b/c this has read-eye reduction.
Dan(laughs): Red eye reduction.
Tavis: Wow. You need to get rid of his (Dan) red eyes, that'll be impressive.
Dan: It's cut down a little bit.
Tavis: That's good.
Tim: I wish I could afford a camera with red-eye reduction instead of having to borow my friend's camera.
Dan: If I had the red-eye and he didnt then I could be a better evil Tavis.
Tavis: Look at all those band posters.
Tim: Maybe one day your band's poster will be up there.
Dan: How about that.
Tim: Why don't we put it up over the Urge's poster?
Dan: Wow they have a poster?
Tavis: Pretty much every one has a poster.
Dan: Ahh man see we are trying to get our label to make us a pretty cool poster. Like all the other rock bands have.
Tim: You guys will send me a poster right?
Dan: Yeah, We even got a couple ideas for a poster. One of them is all of us standing together in a kindergarden class room and we got a 12 foot boa constrictor, and we are holding it. Cause they are pretty big and every body in the band is going to have to hold it. And the poster will say "Reel Big Fish:They even hold snakes".
(Tavis leaves to play pin-ball)
Tim: How about me (putting my thumb up) oh yeah I'm putting my thumb up.
Dan(laughs): Ha, yeah for those of you at home Tim thumb is up.
Tim: Yeah I forgot we have to tell those people who aren't at Mississippi Nights right now, for the millions of people one my website.
Dan: Millions.
Tim: Which I have to tell you I registered with the top 1000 websites site counter, and my RBF site was actually ranked lower than the Vanillia Ice website.
Tim: Yeah it wasn't like one or two it was like 10 sites lower.
Dan(laughs): That's cool.
Tim: But now I'm kicking Vanillia Ice's ass.
Dan: Yeah Vanillia.
Tim: He's coming to town in 2 weeks.
Dan: Yeah Ice you don't know me, you don't know me at all.(laughs)
Tim(laughs): What's the difference between Reel Big Fish and Vanillia Ice. Reel Big Fish Will Have A c.d. out next year.
Dan(laughs): Hahaha ahh ahhh ohhh. The real difference is that Rel Big Fish only sold out one night at the Bottle neck in Lawrence Kansas and Vanillia Ice sold out 2 nights(holds two fingers up) in Lawrence Kansas. We have that flier up on our bus. He just did it. he just sold out two nights.(laughs)That's awesome.
(Just then my pager goes off)
Tim: That's weird my pager just went off, but I'm not going to answer it b/c I'm interviewing Dan from Reel Big Fish.
Dan: Yeah, page him later. We're doing rock and roll now.
Tim: It's probably my girlfriend....who's not coming tonight.
Dan: Uh-oh
Tim: She's not b/c it comes down to this. This is somethings shes gong to wanna be reading on the internet.
Dan: Yeeeaah.
Tim: She hates Mississippi Nights...
Dan: Does she hate us though?
Tim: She hates ska b/c in her opinion, this is her opinion not mine, please don't send me hate mail b/c I do get hate mail b/c of this site, she hates ska b/c she thinks it sounds like bubble-gum pop.
Dan: Yeah.
Tim: But me personally, I dont see it. And yeah she does hate you guys.
Dan(picks up the tape recorder): O.k. well that's ok.
Tim: A message to Tim's girlfriend right now.
Dan: I don't have hate in my soul.
Tim: Her name's Karen.
Dan: Karen,Karen this is Dan. I don't, I don't hold it against you. B/c negative engery just has a way of deflecting off out bubble gum pop -no- sound. Uh pop is the reason why we all got into it. It as an instant pop feel, we try to be a pop band we try to be a ska band. I dont know if that makes you feel any better.
Tim: Can you name any bubble-gum pop ska bands besides ahh...Dance-Hall Crashers? Not that I have anything against the DH Crashers.
Dan(laughs): I wish they didn't fire their horns though but, yeah we are all from the same neighborhood though.
Tim: Oh yeah there are some Save Ferris songs.
Dan: They are kinda bubble-gummy. No Dount was kinda Bubble-gummy for a while. A lot of Eric Stefani is pretty bubble-gummy.
Tim: Emmy award winning Eric Stefani.
Dan: Emmy award winning, so wait they won best song?
Tim(laughs): No Emmy not Grammy award Emmy,Emmy.
Dan: Emmy.
Tim: For the Simpson's. Whenever someone wins a major award you have to say that major award and then winner and then their name.
Dan: Yeah, that's why we are Mojo Recording Artist Reel Big Fish.
Tim(laughs): That reminds me you wanna do me a big favor and call my job and bitch out my boss, not ask for a raise b/c everytime you guys come to town he comes to me like this( I start shaking Dan) "Are you going to get me tickets to Reel Big Fish? Are you going to get me tickets to Reel Big Fish?" I'm Like Josh 10% of the time I pay to see Reel Big Fish.
Dan(laughs): Why do you pay. You know we will always put you on the list, wait a second. Mojo Recording Artist Reel Big Fish: Everybody Must Pay.
Tim: That what he says are you giong to get me tickets to Mojo Recording Artist Reel Big Fish.(we both laugh) I am just like if I have to pay 15.00 you have to fucking pay too.
Dan(in shock): $15.00 is that how much it is now?
Tim: That about how much it is now give or take a dollar.

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