Tim's Really F*cking Long RBF Interview Part 5

Aaron: Can I get into the mix dudes?
Dan: This is the web site.
Tim: I'm down with that.
Aaron: Is this a sound bite one or is this a written one?
Tim: This is like well, might be both.
Aaron: Uuuuaaacccck(I swear to you that's the sound he made.)
Tim: Have you been to my web site? I got like the most generic as web site. I guess last week or something I got this email from the band's address.
Aaron: I didn't do it I don't have a computer.
Tim: Someone's forging your name.
Aaron: That sucks.
Tim: I go this really really bad generic ass reply.
Dan: What did it say?
Tim: Well the subject line was like Reel Big Fish love you. The body said that we want you to know that we Reel Big Fish value you as a fan. It was signed Aaron Barrett.I knew there was like no way in hell it could be you.
Aaron: Damn it.
Dan: Mojo recording artist Reel Big Fish.
Aaron: I don't talk like that. I don't fucking talk like that.
Dan(In hick accent): I don't fucking talk like that.(accent ends) I can honestly say that I have only responded to one web site.That was the one that said Reel Big Fish doesn't know anything about unity because they are chauvinist.
Tim: I have seen that site. She spelled chauvinist wrong(like I have room to speaK).
Dan: Yeah she spelled it...
Aaron: Why are we chauvinists?
Dan: I don't know, she didn't know what she was talking about at all.
Tim: Did you notice that there was no email address on that.
Aaron: Unity? I hate your guts.
Tim: Here name is "Kat".
Dan: I wrote her like I never wrote in one of those before. I didn't want to be stupid and like let it really get to me.
Tim: So you signed the guest book.
Dan: I signed the guest book.
Aaron: You gotta just shake you head at it.
Dan: I wrote her this fat letter. I said I know this is retarded and I feel stupid even giving you the time of day, but fuck you.(we all laugh) My name is Dan I'm in the band and i promise you that you are full of shit.(we all laugh again).
Tim: Her link for Mojo's site was www.gay.com..If you want to check out 311's site it was penis.com.
Aaron: I thought we were all gay.
Tim: You guys aren't gay?
Dan: Some people... Aaron: No we're chauvinists.
Tavis: I've signed a few guest books.
Dan: She's got like way to much time on her hands. How can you spend so much time hating? You can put up a web site for a band you DO like.
Aaron: The things that I hate I don't waste my time with.
Dan: And if you are going to put up a web site about stuff you hate make it something like pollution or fucking hunger you know?
Tim: So basically what you are saying is don't waste your time about bands you don't like.
Aaron:Hey its when they don't talk about us that we gotta worry.
Tim: So basically what you are saying is that if you are going to do a web site doing it about something you like, and two get spell check(talk about the pot calling the fucking kettle black).
Aaron: Do whatever you want dudes. You do wrong, you do it mean, you just do it.
Tim: So its ok with you if I make my web site the evil Reel Big Fish web site.
Dan: The Evil Reel Big Fish web site.
Tim: Have like the flaming letters.
Dan: Interview by the Evil Tavis.
Aaron: We should make shirts that say my favorite ska band sold out and all I got was this crappy t-shirt. How about that one? Dan: They're evil.
Tavis: That's pretty good.
Dan: Yeah totally.
Tim(laughing): You heard it here first. Look for the shirts at you local show.
Aaron: Let's call our next album "They're Evil".
Dan: They're evil.
Aaron: Reel Big Fish: They're evil.
Tim: Would you mind making that pose again so I can take a picture?
Dan: I'll record it.

Aaron: Record this look Dan. See it? The snarling..
Dan: Here is how it sounds.
Aaron: The scrunched up nose. The evil eyes.
Dan: Hear those evil eyes.
Aaron: See the horns.
Tim: Is that what those are?

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