Tim's Really F*cking Long Interview Part 6!?!?!?

Dan: I was thinking we could get a poster made of us you know how..
Aaron: Reel Big Fish: They're Evil.
DAn: They're evil. No I'm talking about how bottle of beer come like in a 6 packs,right? Well you know that cardboard thing. WE et a picture of that, we're are going to have to do it with computers. Yor like reaching down for the beers, but all of us are the bottles.
Aaron: That's sick dude.
Dan(laughs): No it's funny.
Tim(laughs): I think it's fucking funny.
Dan: It's surreal.
Aaron(laughs): It's fucked up.
Dan(laughs): It's Rock'n'Roll.
Tim: Speaking of Rock'n'Roll I read on another website that someone is making a bootleg R.B.F concert cd. I think It's coming out in July.
Dan: Finally.
Tavis: Ahhh.
Tim: Is that the ultimate sign of stardom? Like someone making a bootlegged cd?
Dan: It's pretty cool.
Tavis: I hope he gives us one.
Dan(laughs): You go buy it like everybody else you jerk.
Tavis: Sorry.
Tim: Aaron?
Aaron: Yes?
Tim: I want to know exactly what you think about this. Someone is going to be making money off of you with a bootleg cd.
Aaron: Sue 'em, sue everybody.
Dan(laughs): Everybody is getting rich off of us.
Aaron: Thanks alot pal. Thanks for taking something we do and making money off of it, and not giving us any of it.
Dan: Get in line man.
Tim: Is that how you feel about, bootlegging concerts and tapes and stuff like that.
Aaron: When they make a cd thats just too much. Friends making tapes and stuff that's cool.
Dan: TRADING them over the internet whatever. Thats cool.
Aaron: But making an actual business of putting out cds...
Dan: ...That's a little to complicated...
Aaron: ...That's a little too serious...
Dan: ...Yeah...
Tim: I think this is just the first of two.
Aaron: We're going to catch you and we are going to sue your fucking ass.
(Everyone Laughs...Andrew comes over)
Aaron: You bitch.
Andrew: Why is that?
Tim: Some guys are making a Reel Big Fish bootleg cd.
Andrew: We can kick their ass.
Tim: I'll help you guys kick some ass.
Dan: I don't know. I mean it's cool well I don't want to say it's cool if you tape a concert and make tapes for your friends and stuff thats fine b/c no two RBF concerts are the same. We figure every few months we can come up with some new jokes.
(At this time I go into my bag of tricks and I toss a bag of 25 ounce of twizzlerss to andrew)
Andrew(laughs): Wow!!!
Aaron: What the hell is that?
Tavis: Whoa.
Dan: Shit. There's some twizzlers.

Andrew: Ah man that is fucking beautiful.
Aaron: Andrew's family sized.
Dan: Here's a poster. Reel Big Fish: Family Sized.
Andrew: Uh uh uh ah uh uh ah ah uh. Those are some good twizzlers. Where did you get those?

Tim: Walgreens, I think you can buy these anywhere I think.
(Aaron grabs the tape recorder)
Aaron: Hey Dan.
Dan: Yeah Aaron?
Aaron: How you doing?
Dan: Hey I'm pretty good buddy. What's up with you?
Aaron: I just burpped into the microphone and it smells. It tastes funny too. This is a great song here(Sade is on the p.a. system) I love it. Everyday at about this time to test out the p.a. our tour manager and sound man plays some Sade and some Tool. The tool will be on shortly.
Tim: I only hang out with guys in bands b/c they are cuter.

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