Oh My God He's Beating Him with Twizzlers

Tim's Really F*cking Long RBF Interview Part VII

Andrew: I love twizzlers.
Aaron: I hate twizzlers.
Andrew: There're so good.
Dan: Those are some long twizzlers.I'll be right back
Tim: That's "family size" plus ten percent. Becuase that bag's not big assed enough.
Aaron: It should say big ass size.
Tim: Big ass size.
Aaron: Right!!!.
Tim: Aaron Barrett likes Big Ass Twizzlers.
Aaron: Right!!!.
(5 seconds of silence go by. By far the longest moment of silence of the night)
Aaron: Makes mouths happy.
Aaron: Ohhh these twizzlers are good.
Aaron: Eating twizzlers and listening to Shar-de(hey thats how he pronuced it)
Tim(to Andrew): I hope I didn't like crush your chest that bag('o twizzlers),Andrew.
Andrew: That's a big bag of twizzlers.
Dan: I love twizzlers.
Aaron: I hate twizzlers.
Dan: Owww, Owww.
Andrew: That was scawwy. Dem's fighting with twizzlers and a chair.

Aaron: Let's hear it for Sadie.
Tim: I thought her name was Sade?
Aaron: It is.
Tim: Heres some more rumors that i want to get rid of. People say you cover a lot of different songs. Can you name all the songs you guys cover?
Aaron: Yes I can.
Tim: Good answer,Good answer,and they said you were dumb.
Aaron: Well they're, no i'm not.
Tim(pointing at Dan): He said you were dumb.
Dan: And fuck them for thinking that.
Aaron(laughing): I don't mean to be a jerk but fuck you.
Tim(laughing): You wanna fuck me?
Dan(to Aaron)(laughing): I don't want to be mean but you are an asshole.
Tim: And he said that you are stupid.
Aaron: Take on me, Boys don't Cry, Hungry Like A Wolf, Kiss me Deadly, Boss Dj, Unity, Uniform of Destruction.
Tim: You guys cover unity you guys are chavanist.
Dan: HAHA!!
Aaron: We don't love them hoes.
Andrew: We don't love them hoes.
Aaron: We Love them hoes.
Andrew: We love them for about an hour and a half.
Aaron: We love them hoes.
Tim: Aren't you guys like the only guys who havent worked with "Puff" Daddy?
Aaron: I don't like Puff Daddy. He's not a good rapper.
Tim: I dont think he's supposed to be a rapper.
Dan: I think he made our video.
Aaron: No offense though. He's a good positive influence on the youttttts.That's my own personal opinion thouhg.I don't care. I just don't think he's a good rapper. Puff Daddy is a cool guy. I'd hang out,eating twizzlers,listening to Shar-da with Puff Daddy.You know it's cool, Its all good. You got to get in the mix, you know, get right in it.You know what I'm talking about? It's too loud well fuck man.
Tim: Aaron I gotta ask you this how does it make you feel knowing that my R.B.F site was ranked lower than the Vanillia Ice website for like 5 weeks.?
Aaron: Lower?
Tim: Lower.
Aaron: Vanillia ice is making a comeback.
Tim: He's coming here in two weeks. I got my tickets.
Aaron: There you go.

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