Tim's Really F*cking Long RBF Interview Part 8(which is great)

Tim: Ok I'm going to ask you the same question I asked Dan: I've known you like two years now and I feel comfortable asking you guys. Why?
Aaron: Why what?
Tim: Why?
Aaron: Why what?
Tim: Answer why. I just asked "why?".
Aaron: Why not?
Tim: damn fine answer. Andrew why?
Andrew: Is's b/c the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Tim: Ain't that the truth?
Andrew: Maybe, I don't know.
Tim: Which one of you two love me more?
Andrew: I don't know I'm just in it for the chicks.
Tim: Hey Aaron when you play nude does stuff go boinng?
Aaron: It's like the money gets divided and the women get excited.
(Everybody laughs)
It's true Andrew: that's right baby.
Tim: What has to be the weirdest thing that I have gave you?
Andrew: I think it was when you gave me that note that said I'm strong and long and down to get the friction on.
Tim(laughs): It's a black thing I wasn't specifically talking about myself we're all like that.
Andrew: You were just reminding me.
Tim: Yup those rumor are true.
Andrew: I got a teenie weenie.
Tim: Dan, how about you?
Dan: Uh, what are we doing?
Andrew: He asked about my, er we are talking about pee-pees.
Aaron: I don't care what anyone says girls like big dicks. I don't care what our girlfriend tells you.(impersonating your girlfriend)"ahh its fine its perfect I wouldn't want a big one". They fucking love the big fat cock. Alright? But we don't love them hoes. See if I had a big fat dick i'd be stoked so don't give me that shit. Everybody is lying.
Dan: Here comes the Tool speaking of dicks.
Aaron: Remember? Listening to Tool and eating Twizzlers.
Tim: At this point I am just so happy i don't have one my website rated with some like parental censorship thing or something.
Dan: Well you will now. We're dirty bastards
Aaron:Here's the positive message of the day: You know kids things can only get so bad before you fucking die and then its over.
Tim: I'm like Fonzie I'm not going to die."You guys might be mortal I'm moving to California".
Aaron: Are you moving to California?
Tim(laughing): Yeah I want to be closer to you guys. I love you.
Aaron: Dan's moving to Valencia.
Dan: Things can only get so worse before you fucking die.
Aaron: I'm going to get a drink, I'll be right back.
Andrew: Before you fucking die.
Aaron: Before I fucking die.
Tim: O.K. I know you guys don't like playing Beer and Hate You, what other songs don't you guys like, so people stop calling them out.
Andrew: We're really tired of playing "Jump" we have been playing itt for 10 years now. We're tired of it.
Aaron: "Freebird" and "Spirit of Radio". What else?, We're tired of playing "Don't Speak".
Tim: What are you talking about You guys have been playing that so long I love don't speak. Andrew: Were tired of playing "Teen Spirit" Tim: What "Teen Spirit" is one of your better songs Andrew , It shows you angst, your problems, why world want to stop playing that? Dan: We're tired of playing things from our album "Odelay"
Aaron: Our record "Odelay" was a success for us but let's get with the times.
Andrew: Odelay Homie.
Tim: What about anything off your album "don't let the bastards grind you down"?
Dan: All I can say is ix nay on the Oh Sters Tea.
(Everybody laughs)
Tim: Now, I'm going to get angry letters from Noah Wildman.
Andrew: And then you fucking Die.
Dan: And then you fucking die.
Tim: Noah's Wildmans fat ass is going to send me letters, he's a nice guy but a fat ass he's going to send me letters now.
Dan: If one of us had said that.
Tim: Tim Snow said that Noah Wildman has a fat ass but he's a nice guy.
Andrew: Wham!!!!
Aaron: Is he a good golfer?
Tim(laughing): That fat ass Noah Wildman.
Andrew: Pump it up home boy.
Tim: Not only is he a fat ass, but he is nice guy but he is an angry nice guy.
(Just then The song Thiller comes on) Aaron: Behold the evil of that which is Thriller.
Andrew: What are you guys talking about?
Aaron: Hey behold evil of the Thriller ,ok?
(The song Thriller is now shut off)
Aaron: Damnit.
Dan: fucking bastard what's your problem?
Tim: You guys just seemed to happy doing that and honestly I can't seem to see you guys happy. And then you fucking die.
Aaron: That pisses me off.
Tim: I was just kidding I want to see you guys happy.
Aaron: I know He(Christian Harper - RBF's road Manager) pisses me off.

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