Tim's Really F*cking Long RBF Interview Part 9(It's about fucking time)

Tim: Someone who knows us both sent me this letter to give to you Aaron.
Aaron: I know who this girl is shes from (Censored)(Remember this letter it comes into play later into the interview)
Dan: That Fucking rat bastard. I could have gone to the music store Christan.
Tim: To see MR.T-X?(who were playing an instore that day). Any way I got this letter and..
Aaron: Do you pick up girls on the internet?
Tim: Noooo I no ne ah no I never no not any more. I gotta girlfriend now and her name (was) Karen.
Aaron: You have a girlfriend !?!?
Tim: No this is different then the other girls that I have introduced to you guys.
Andrew: Yeah uh huh.
Tim: No really. She hates you guys.
Aaron: She does??
Tim: She hates ska. She hates Mississippi Nights, and she hates you guys.
Aaron: Then why is she your girlfriend?
Tim: I don't know. I think I'm going to shut up before I get my self into trouble.(shes not anymore in case you care)
(Everyone laughs. Esp Aaron who just cackles madly for a little bit.
Dan: This has been going on for 6 months Aaron.
Aaron: Are you having sex with this girl?
Tim: Are you having sex- Am I having sex with my girlfriend. No I'm not having sex with my girlfriend.
Aaron: Why not?? B/c she hates Reel Big Fish
Tim: Because she hates Reel Big Fish.
(everyone laughs- well it was true =) ) Tim: I'm going to hold out on sex with my girlfriend until she likes you guys.
Dan: So do you just jerk off all the time.
Tim: Yes I'm the jerking off king.
Aaron: We don't love them hoes.
Dan: I just thought of something. What if someone in the band was really gay. Let's say Andrew that you were really gay?
Anrew: Uh huh.
Tim: I thought Andrew was really gay. That's why I always give him shit when I see him.
Andrew: Ahhhhh.
Tim: You mean you aren't gay?
Andrew: No man I'm totally gay.
Dan: Let's say you were gay and we were doing an interview..
Aaron: This letter is to me and not you(see I told you to remember the letter from earlier on)I'm going to have to start over again>
(Everyone laughs at Aaron-as well they should)
Dan: Tim was like lets dispell some of these internet rumors who in the band is really gay. And I said well Andrew is the only guy in the band who is homosexual.
Tim: You said Andrew eats balls.
Dan: No body really sucks dick like he does, What if it was really true.
Tim: You suck dick andrew? How long you been sucking dick?
Dan: I dont mean you you know im just saying..
Andrew: I was with you right up until the point where you talked about me sucking dick.
Dan: Ok what if Tavis was really gay?
Tim: See. I can picture Tavis being gay.
Dan: What if I said that and I said that alot of us are really straight but Tavis sucks dick. If he really did do you think he'll get offended that I said that?
Andrew: I don't think so, No. It was me no I wouldn't.
Tim: I just want to confirm are we going to try to offend everyone with this interview.
Dan: There isn't a "gay one" in the band.
Andrew: If there was we'd be down with that.
Aaron: This girl wants to have sex with you.
Tim: Me? Oh you mean Andrew.
Andrew: Oh Aaron: She said all her friends where starting rumors about me and her and shes saying how she wants to hook up with Anrew. Gee to stop the rumors?

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