Heres a List of People That I Should Have Thanked A Long Time Ago:
Emily for scanning most of the pics. kori in AZ. for all the real audio help .Tavis,Aaron,Kate,Nicki,Katie("so you are looking for a whore eh?") for the big group date at stake and shake. Dan,Andrew,Grant,Scott,Matt for being so cool to me for the past 2 years. Bill and Ted and Ben for rides to shows since I'm too lazy to get my car fixed. Bill Gates for creating notepad so I don't have to use one of those html editors. Noah Wildman for not kicking my ass at my little fat ass joke. Dennis,Doniel Porter, Heather, Carol er I mean Karen, Brad, Dominic, Mark, the Clayton Mo police department for their concern about my well-being and always asking me if I know where I am going. Harmon Mosley owner of Caffe Paridiso for giving me a j job so I can pay for the numerous computers that I have destroyed over the past 2 years. Courtney, Bridgett,RBFrules,Lis,lindsay, Paul Stark and The STL-SKA crew,The Skalars, Slighty Stoopid,Every one who told me my page sucked so I could make it better. everyone who didn't believe I could make a page. Andrea and Jenny Bazzetta for emotional support,swan and all the other sites that link to me, you, your mom and dad for conceiving you. And anyone who i forgot please tell me so i can put you up.
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