Here's what's new with my site

First thing I did was I finally brought a brand new comupter. I dont know if you went to the old site which was on but that site was created in mid 1996 and not updated until Feb-98, because my comuter was "killed". So the page you were seeing was over a year old. The second thing I did was I got alot more web space, From 200k to 7200k. Now i can finally put more pictures up(when i fix my scanner). I can also put up audio/visual (which is the third thing i finally did so go here). The fourth thing I did was I finally got more links, again if you hwhere ever at my old site then you know that the old site had only 4 links. The fifth thing was i decided that i wanted to hear your RBF stories wether they are good or bad i want to hear them so send them to me please. My old site wasnt much of a page but I'm updating this one everyday because who knows when my computer will die again.
(02/19/98)Well I updated the links..I added a few new ones and I moved "ska Man Steves link to the "other" links section b/c he changed his format to an e-zine, I wish him luck. I also removed the page about the RealHollywood chat since it is now over. Well thats about it. Thanks again for reading this
(02/22/98)I added a new link,I put the correct link to another site..(i am sorry steve of steves rbf page). And finally I put up a column called "off my chest" in response to all the people who have been sending mail to me saying things like you poser rbf blah blah. I think Im the first rbf site to do this.Not that it makes me wit and charm does that.
(02/24/98)I added the transcript of the RBF talk with Tavis at the request of a few people. I also put a link to get back to the main menu from this page.
(02/26/96)I added one of them neato mailing list so I can keep everyone aware and informed of what going on with the site. I also added the guys Mojo emial address, basicly because AOL email kinda sucks and their mailbox is always full.

(03/01/98)I added a link(the Reel Big Fish Cafe..I liked it alot it has a lot of potential).I also moved Ska man Steves Page(again!!)Everytimee I check it it is week its an O.C. ska scene page with an RBF section, then its an RBF page and then its a zine and now its back to being a RBF page.I might just make a link section just for him. I also updated my letter of the month(well it is a new month now you know? Dont worry if you still wanted to read the Feb. letter of the month you can read it too.
(03/02/98)I redesigned the main page..It just seemed a little too much like my old site..If you've saw the old site as well as this one tell me what you think my email address
12 hours later on (03/02/98)I changed some of the "icons" that lead you to the links and I put one up for my guest book
(03/05/98)I put a form entry so that I can find out how people got to my site. I also put out my first newsletter to my site if you want it just send me an email asking for it. You can subscribe to my site from the main menu. So dont delay, subscribe today.
(03/08/98)I put up some reponses to my "Off My Chest"section.I have gotten 100% good responses from that column
10 hours later on (03/08/98)I tripled the amount of links I have on my Special links section.I put up the info for my RBF contest,so enter already, and also i have been told that if you have hotmail you cant email me so i put up a address so that people with hotmail can email me..yea.
2 hours after that on (03/08/98) wow this has been a productive day for me. I changed my chat server. Bascily parachat was way too slow and alot more people have frams then those who have java. I hope to have something set up were a bunch of people are in the room all at handle in the room is Tim(i know i have no creativity).
Still on (03/08/98) I took of the "under construction" part from the top of my page..I'm am very comfortable with my page right now and i will continue to update it for ever(or at least until my wife makes me stop or something like that).Look for(hopefully)next week for me to have alot more pictures up(around 10 or so). As always I'll keep you post on that.
(03/09/98)My computer broke again.$hit!!!
(03/12/98)I interviewed RBF. It was a really really wierd interview and really freaking long(over 1 hour)
(03/16/98)I fixed my computer some what..its really really slow now and i have limited hd space since i basicly took the HD out of my old comp and put it in the new one.
(03/19/98)I'm back I finally got everything set up so I can update my site..So I put up the first of I don't know how many parts of my RBF interview(with sound bites) up..And if you have seen them play on this current tour you might have heard an unfamiliar song..the odds are that song was "boss dj" a Sublime cover off the trio's second album(robbin' the hood. If you dont have it..get it) This is the first(and probably/hopefully only) place where you'll see it since I made it at home from a bootleg that I recorded at the show..btw the qualiy isnt the best(so load up the volumn..sorry..but hey its free
(03/20/98)Its 3 in the freaking morning and I'm actually updating my site.I want to be the best, (gosh talk about obsesive compulsive).I added the RBF eat each others balls page. You now have an interesting exclusive opening wav from Aaron. It was one of the funniest lines said last thursday(03/12/98). And I also put up part two of the interview
(03/22/98)The update of the day was updating the multimedia part of the page.I added some songs from the everything sucks album and I was sent a wav of take on me by K3nx so i hope what like what I have done so far. There are Many more things to do today so I'll get back to them.
Later on (03/22/98)I added a F.A.Q.( I guess its about time.) I plan on putting some more of the interview up tommorow. I have been a little sick so I have mainly been in bed. I 'm sottu abou that. I also got another 5 megs of webspace....Joygasm!!!
(03/23/98)I put up some more wavs from the everything sucks album. I'll put up the some interview soon.I put up the right links for everything sucks. Sorry to anyone who clicked on the links earlier.
(03/24/98)Woohoo the third part of the interview is finally up with sound bites..I definatly recommend checking those out. Basicly you know honestly I think you get a better understanding when you can hear whats going on (esp the sarcastic/bittter parts).
(03/26/98)Well I have been up since 1 am updating my site and it is now 6:30 a.m Giliigan's Island is about to come on T.B.S and I realize that I truley have no life. Which is good because that gives me more time to update my site. Go to the pictues section. I finally have alot more pictures up. So go check them out. Ok? I put up some more live wavs they are from a show over a year ago at Wash U. It was a good show I even got to sing with the guys.
12 hours later on (03/26/98)I sent out the 2nd edition of my newsletter. If you want a copy and you aren't a subscriber let me know and while you are at it why not signup. I also put up the 4th part of the interview and in the interview is a picture and a sound bite. The interview is just about over there are probably 2 maybe 3 more parts. So expect the best(which is the worse) from thes guys while we tackle the topic of bootlegging c.d's,puff daddy,sade,and thriller.

(03/27/98)The first update that I have done today is that I have put a link to my friends' Ted and Brad's home page in the special links section. Check it out ok?
later on (03/27/98)I have put up more pictures. I also pu tup a picture in the first interview section. That's pretty much it for tionight I'm going to Vanillia Ice( honestly)
(03/28/98)I redisgned the photo page so you can see five pics at a tme. I plan on redsigning it again soon.
(03/29/98)I copied my guest book so if you want to see it you can. (tripod guest books suck). I have to go to work now. so look for the next installment of the interview to be up aruond 8 (cst) tonight. Sorry It's been a while sine I last posted part of the interview. It's just that work/school/and lack of sleep is finlly catching up with me. I seperated the audio and video part of my site. Why you ask? I just don't know.
(03/30/98)It is 4:30 a.m I just finisged putting up part 5 of the interview. I again apologize to anyone who wanted to see the interview earlier. If the site seems screwy later today I'm sorry I am going to try to correct every spelling mistake I have on the page.

(04/01/98)My first update so far is putting sellout in the video section. I plan on putting up more of the interview and making more wav(from the interview and off of everything sucks.
(04/03/98)I got some new eupiment to make better wav and I'll be rerecording all my wavs. I also put up some of the new wavs in the audio section. I even decided to put some S.R. songs up too. I finally put up the letter of the month and i have been having problems with my server but heres a sneak preview of part 6 of the interview.
(04/04/98)I fixed the problem with the audio page bascily what happen withthat was that since i am on so many differetn servers, i have a lot of files(like index.htm) that have the same name and thats basicly what happend with that. I also finally got pretty much everthing set up with part 6 of the interview. nnow i'm late for work so ill put up more stuff later.9 I Promise. I apologize if it seems like i am lagging behind in updateing my site. Its kinda the end o the school year blues coming in you know.
(04/05/98)hi how are you doing. Today what i have done so far is put up part 7 of the interview and put up some more wavs(the origanl wavs fro m orignal artist). later this week i plan on puttin up more wavs the end of the interview and post more pics from my trip last year to see rbf play in az. dont forget every weds i will be host a party chat in my room from 6 (cst) until when ever the last person falls asleep. last week the chat last about 5 hours. I added alot more links to the rbf page. my plans for tommorow include adding another repsonse to the response to the o.m. chest page.
(04/05/98)I rerecorded all the Washington university live wavs and The cover of Boss dj. So heck them it they are smaller.. and they are longer in length and 100% better sound quality.I also put up another response to my off my chest column.
(04/09/98)I added more pictures and seperated the ar pictures from st louis and az.
(04/13/98)After a vacation I add a thank you page>.which is something i should have done a while ago. announced a new contest. fixed some pictures. put up "something cool" now im going to bed ill see you good night for now.
(04/15/98) oh wow Ok I fixed the contest i can't even try to explain what went wrong with that. and i forgot to mention it but part 8 of the intervie wis now up.

(06/16/98)Well I'm back did you miss me? I missed you. Well guys I have written an all new off my chest section about people who disrespect other people guestbooks I have also added a new section of the RBF interview. Just when you thouhgt that puppy was laid to rest it comes back with a vengence.

(10/05/98)Hi Sorry it has taken me so long to update once again. I have noticed that a few of the other rbf pages are down now. Well felt It was time for another comeback..So here I go again. One of the things I did was that i took the "new" off of tim's Reel big fish page bascially b/c this isnt new anymore and my old reel big fish site has probably faded out of memory. I have a new contest so check it out ok? its here
(10/22/98)Hi Ok today I Put up the letter of the moonth for october and I put up something special about the whole off my chest thing i think you should reaaad it if you aready havent.
(10/24/98) Finally I have sold out and started using Real Audio. You can now listen to concerts from my collection. (10/27/98) I Put up a whole entire concert in my live shows section now enjoy it, I know I did.

(11/03/98) A couple people requested on the reel big fish fan email list wanted to hear a copy of the whole version of boss dj so i put it up along with another 4 song live concert sampler -Tim-
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